Public Scholarship

Public Presentations, Media Appearances, & Online Publications

2017 Tim Farron, the Bible and Queerness. History Matters: History brought alive by the University of Sheffield. 27 July.
What do you believe in, Tim Farron? The Queerness. 21 June.
‘Meet Jacob…’ The Image Speaks 2017: Collaborative Exhibition. Communication your PhD through photography. Jessop West Building. University of Sheffield. From 24 April.
Bringing the Arts out of the closet. Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland. 23 March.
My Queer Research: Jo Henderson-Merrygold. Hidden Perspectives Research Seminar, Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland. 17 March.
Hidden Perspectives and the Cispicious Bible. Auckland Rainbow Community Church, Auckland. 14 March.
Representation, self-disclosure and the role of the teacher in the study of religion. Religion in Public. 1 March.
Hidden Perspectives Turns the World Upside Down. Hidden Perspectives. 23 February.
2016 How biblical double standards killed Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. The Conversation. 11 November.
The Church’s Damning Edicts on Sexuality Challenge What It Means to be Human. William Temple Foundation Blog. 9 September.
Orange is the New Black can teach us a lot about religion. The Conversation. 17 June.
One Week to Go: Orange is the New Bible Promotional Video. Orange is the New Bible. 10 June.
Genderqueering Sarah: Developing a hermeneutics of cis-picion. Festival of Arts and Humanities Showcase, Winter Gardens, Sheffield. 21 May.
4 More Seasons?! Orange is the New Bible. 27 April.
Skerratt, L., and Merrygold, J. 7 Ways the Bible is like Orange is the New Black. Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies. 19 February.
Interview with Andy Crane about Orange is the New Bible. BBC Radio Sheffield. Sunday Programme. 7 February.
2015 Knitting together a queer rainbow. LGBT Photo Exhibition. Jessop West Building. University of Sheffield. 23-27 February.
2014 Living with the ‘Call the Midwife’ nuns. Manchester Rotary Breakfast Charter Night. Manchester. 31 October. Invited paper.
Re-reading the Bible in Public Life. William Temple Foundation Blog. 29 October. Invited contribution.
35 Years of the Community Religions Project: Revisiting the Archives. First prize paper. Edward Boyle Bequest Lecture. RSA Yorkshire. Bar Convent, York. 22 March. Invited paper.
Adams, S., Alexander, E., Merrygold, J. et al. Religious Mapping of Chapeltown: The complexity of community and identity in Chapeltown. Community Religions Project, University of Leeds.